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Increase Productivity With Incom

Industrial Component Co. manufacture Flyers for all national & international makes of roving frames. Our Flyers are universally suitable for processing all kinds of fibers and blend. Specialized production, high quality raw material, well-trained workers and rigid checks all levels guarantee quality products for all roving frames.

Flyer Balancing

High precision balancing ensures vibrant free performance throughout the operative speed range of 600 RPM to 1400 RPM.

Raw Material

Flyers are made of special aluminium alloy incorporating special polished imported stainless steel tubes and steel parts.
This eliminates fluff accumulation and fiber choking inside the tube.

Pressers Arms

The pressers-arms helps in compact and uniform winding of the bobbin. The pressers-arms made from aluminium or steel, depending upon the type of flyers.
INCOM supplies a wide variety of pressers for different types of flyers such as SYC,AC and AC suspended.

Incom SYC Flyers
Incom SYC Flyers

Incom SYC flyers are made up special aluminium alloy replaced by steel flyers. SYC flyers are superior in performance and dynamic finest balanced upto 1400 RPM.

Incom AC Flyers
Incom AC Flyers

Closed type AC flyers with high speed upto 1400 RPM, slotless construction with steel presser which allows uniforms pressure through out the bobbin built-up.

Incom Suspended Flyers
Incom Suspended Flyers

This are made up of high speed special alloy with cast-in polished stainless steel tube. Very sturdy design for heavy duty production on all modern makes of roving frames at flyers speed upto 1600 RPM